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Essentials of Newborn Care

Our Essentials of Newborn Care class is a comprehensive prenatal newborn prep class. In this four-hour class, we cover everything you need to know from the moment your baby is born through the first two weeks of life. You will leave class prepared to take care of your newborn; you’ll know how to start breastfeeding off right and how to ease the recovery for the birthing person; and partner/support people will have a concrete understanding of how best to support the family through these early days.


This Essentials class teaches you more than just a few survival tips -- it will empower you to thrive as new parents. Class topics include:

* Embracing the final days of pregnancy

* Plans for when you’re in labor

* What is the “fourth trimester”?

* The “Golden Hour” after birth

* Benefits of skin-to-skin contact

* Common newborn procedures

* Getting breastfeeding off to a great start

* What makes a great latch

* Self-care after birth

* Newborn care days 1-14

* Typical newborn sleep

* Soothing a fussy baby

* How to have helpful visitors

* Establishing your new family

* A day-by-day guide for baby, birthing mom, and partner for the first week after birth


We are proud to help families of all shapes and sizes; no matter what your family looks like or how you made it, come as you are and leave with the confidence you need to thrive in the early days of parenting. Price is per couple. 4 hours.

Essentials of Newborn Care

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