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Reiki Energy Healing


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki is administered by gently laying on hands and, as a non-invasive technique, is safe for both mama and baby during pregnancy. Reiki is both powerful and gentle, and has been used to aid in healing a variety of ailments -- not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional. Reiki is often used in complement to and to improve the effectiveness of other therapies.


Our Reiki practitioners follow the Usui Reiki concepts and principles. The life force flows within the physical body though pathways called chakras, meridians and nadis. When the life-force energy is out of balance, the imbalance affects the organs and cells of the body and their vital functions. Reiki channels the body's natural energy into alignment, or "attunement," allowing the life-force energy to flow smoothly and begin the healing process.


Reiki Session Bookings

30-Minute Reiki Session
30 min
60-Minute Reiki Session
1 hr
90-Minute Reiki Session
1 hr 30 min


During Reiki treatment, we use a series of hand placements in a guided pattern along the body’s meridians to balance your life-force energy. Your practitioner will be particularly attentive to the balance and life-force energy of your life transition, helping you find alignment and comfort.


Our Reiki practitioners have trained and are certified in the Usui Reiki concepts and principles. We are independent and self employed; our treatments are used to
complement care provided by your physician or hospital.


Reiki treatments can be performed in the comfort and privacy of your home, or in our office in Rockville, MD. Distance Reiki is also available for those outside the greater Washington DC area. Let us help you bring healing, harmony, connection and empowerment to your life journey!

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