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Our Philosophy

1. Educate

As birth professionals, we support our clients in three primary ways. The first is education: as experts in our field, we help you access a range of resources and tools to prepare for your family's journey in a personal, meaningful way. We also offer a wealth of workshops, classes, and support groups for learning and growth!

2. Uplift

Once you have accessed information and resources, we support your decision-making process as you choose the path that is most meaningful to your family. We work closely with you to identify options and articulate your preferences, and we facilitate communication with care providers to amplify and centralize your voice. 

3. Advocate

In birth and postpartum, other care settings, and also in the community at large, we advocate for true patient-directed care. We fight to keep your needs and those of your family at the center of care conversations and procedures, and support you in maintaining a positive and empowered transitional experience. 

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