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Doula Services


Our bereavement doulas provide non-medical, physical, emotional, educational and family support during and after the loss of a baby or babies. We support families experiencing birth, enduring bereavement, or facing any event where birth & bereavement may meet. Our doulas provide information on options and choices, support your emotional journey and processing, assist you with self-care recovery measures, identify additional community resources, and help your family with adjusting to this unexpected journey.


Bereavement Doula Packages


Our doulas have completed training approved by StillBirthday (or a comparable professional body) and have experience as birth and bereavement coaches. We are independent and self employed; as your doulas, we work for you, not for your care provider.

At each step, we will listen to your needs and desires and make your wants our own, with the goal of helping you best navigate this significant moment in your family's journey. Please contact us today to schedule your initial consultation, and let us help you make your family's transition one of dignity, pride, empowerment, and love!

From StillBirthday:


Bereavement doulas "can support families experiencing:

  • birth in any trimester, and in any outcome

  • unconventional loss, which may include adoption or surrogacy

  • NICU care

  • “rainbow” subsequent live birth

  • full term, uncomplicated, live birth with no connection in any way to bereavement

  • newborn nutrition and lactation options

  • and more"

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