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Fertility / Preconception Doula Services


Our fertility/preconception doulas accompany families on their journey through the fertility process, from preconception counseling to egg retrieval to implantation to pregnancy confirmation. We draw on professional training, knowledge, and experience to provide emotional support, reassurance and perspective, physical comfort and, at times, communication with staff to help you and any support person(s) make informed decisions as they arise throughout the journey. 


We invite you to meet our team and review our bios, and to read more about our philosophy and our approach to serving clients.

Pregnancy Test

Fertility / Preconception Doula Package

  • Preconception/Fertility Support Package

    Targeted preconception support and counseling for those beginning or continuing fertility journeys.
    Valid for one month
    • One 1-hr virtual preconception consult
    • Up to 2 phone consultations (calls between 10-30 mins)
    • On-call phone/text/email support (excl. calls >10 mins)
    • On-call services for egg retrievals / embryo transfers
    • One in-clinic visit (up to 8 hrs in person)
    • Additional in-person support available for hourly charge
    • Referrals as needed to community or other resources
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