Basic Birth Doula Package

Our basic birth package suits many of our clients seeking targeted labor/birth support. If you are planning for your second (or third, or eighth!) birth, or are purchasing birth doula services in conjunction with a package of postpartum doula services, this package will provide focused, hands-on attention to support your ongoing journey.


Under the basic package, our birth doulas offer the following services:

  • Free initial consultation/interview

  • One face-to-face prenatal visit to discuss goals/options and prepare for birth

  • Telephone, text, and email support throughout pregnancy

  • Referrals as needed to community or other resources

  • On-call services 'round the clock from 38 weeks until the birth of your baby

  • Continuous labor support, from early labor through the birth of your baby

  • Postpartum support for 1-2 hours following the birth

  • Free 3-month Family Ways membership


Total fee: $1250. No added or hidden charges for the services described above. 


Discounts available when selecting a junior doula. Additional 10% discount applied when purchased in conjunction with a postpartum doula package. 

Basic Birth Doula Package

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