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Birth, Antepartum, & Postpartum Doula | Sibling Doula

I am a DONA-trained doula with many years' experience and interest in sexual and reproductive health, social and behavior change, health literacy, violence prevention, intercultural training, and gender and racial equity.


My interest in birth work grew during my undergraduate years, beginning when I saw a documentary about birth in the United States. After I graduated, I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Republic of Mozambique for two years. There, I was a health volunteer working primarily in HIV prevention, education, and management, and I also did some malaria prevention. During my service, I had the accidental experience of assisting a birth, and the event led me to consider a career in midwifery. Instead, I chose to pursue a Master of Arts in the international sphere.


Though I enjoy working internationally, I greatly missed working interpersonally and disseminating information to help improve health outcomes. I am excited to return to the realm of birthwork, because much like in my Peace Corps service, I find that the birth doula serves an essential role in supporting holistic health by assisting people as they navigate choices, information, and physical and emotional feelings. I value being able to engage in intimate conversations about health options and resources, and respond to holistic health questions and concerns.


Eu falo português (I speak Portuguese).

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