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About Morgan

Birth & Postpartum Doula | Newborn Care Specialist | Childbirth Educator

Having a doula is one of the greatest gifts a birthing person can have as they work through their birth and postpartum transitions. I was fortunate to have a wonderful support team by my side for the birth of both my daughters, and my gratitude for their support led me to be the emotional support for a few loved ones. From there, my passion for supporting growing families has deepened, and I have been awed and inspired by the many beautiful families I have supported along the way. 


As your doula, I provide emotional and physical support to help your birth be an empower-ing time for you and your partner, and to advocate for your laboring needs. My goal is to uplift the magic of this amazing transition and the role we play in welcoming new life into the world. It is so important to feel heard and supported during this significant life change, and I am honored to be a part of your support system. 

I am equally passionate about education, and in my role as a doula and childbirth educator I emphasize the knowledge and education that will help you feel empowered and prepared as you go through your laboring and postpartum journey. It is my joy and pleasure to support, educate, and nurture you as you walk your own personal journey.

Training & Certifications

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