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About Jessica

Birth Doula | IBCLC | Childbirth Educator | Placenta Encapsulator 

My journey into birth work began when I was in college, and I took a class that discussed childbirth around the world. As an anthropology student I became deeply interested in the many different ways this amazing process plays out in different cultures. My interest in birth and perinatal health grew when I asked my mother about her birth experiences with my sister and myself. She told stories of feeling alone and unsure of what to do and what to expect. I was shocked by how vividly she remembered these feelings, so many years later. As I began researching how I could incorporate my growing interest in childbirth into my career goals, I learned about the many ways that doulas provide necessary support to families surrounding the life-changing birth of their child.


After my first two years as doula, and following my DONA certification and many supplementary trainings, I entered into a dual graduate program at UNC-Chapel Hill where I earned my Master's of Social Work and Master's of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health. I am also now an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Maternal and family health is my passion -- and the intimate connections to families that being a doula fosters continue to provide a foundation to my other professional goals and career path. 

My goal for each family is to protect the birth experience, as an integral part of the family's lifelong journey. A parent who feels positive and confident about the labor and birth experience may enter parenthood feeling more prepared for its challenges. I support each family's unique vision for labor and birth: it is my job to provide your growing family with physical and emotional support to help you achieve an empowering experience. I will assist you in your goals and provide comfort and encouragement in the face of unexpected developments. It is my hope that your transition into parenthood will fill you with feelings of strength, love, and awe.

Kat Y., Gaithersburg MD

"Jessica was there for us through my 36 hour labor. She ALWAYS knew when I needed comfort while I was in labor. She kept my husband SANE, fed, and in good spirits. She is the biggest reason that our first birth was a success. She [also] helped with post-partum care, and my moods." 

Katie D., Washington DC

"Because of her kindness, knowledge, encouragement and advocacy at all hours of the day through many days, I can honestly say I have no regrets about my birth experience and felt empowered throughout it all[...] I feel so fortunate that she was a part of my daughter's birth."

Elana W., Silver Spring MD

"Jessica goes above and beyond with her clients. [She] was receptive and respectful of my wishes during the labor and post partum period [...] not because it was her job as a doula, but because of the respect she has for the lifestyles of her clients."

Training & Certifications

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