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About Caitlin

Postpartum Doula | Newborn Care Specialist

I can't remember a time when babies were not a big part of my life. I grew up in a big family in the Midwest, surrounded by loved ones giving birth to their babies and navigating their own postpartum periods. Being a doting aunt later grew into a desire to see every family receive the support they need during one of life’s biggest transitions: welcoming a new family member into their lives.


Supporting families during this tender time is a dream role for me. I live in Maryland with my husband and our sweet lab mix puppy, far from the extended family I was so lucky to support for so long. After caring for a few friends and neighbors as they welcomed babies into their lives, I completed my postpartum doula training through the International Doula Institute. As a postpartum doula, I am honored to be able to offer loving care and attention to families in my new community too. 

When not working as a postpartum doula, I can often be found in my kitchen cooking up something healthy and yummy (think sourdough bread or soup made with homemade bone broth!), or getting some nature in on a hike, volunteering in my community, or watching an episode of "The Office." 

Laura C., Potomac MD

"Caitlin is AMAZING. My daughter is going through a stranger danger/only Mom phase and Caitlin got her to warm up and be with her alone so quickly. She even got her down for a nap which I never thought could’ve happened. I was so impressed! Seriously a baby whisperer." 

Training & Certifications

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