Supported Sleep Package

Our Supported Sleep Package is our most popular package, and is designed to help families with rest and recovery in the early week(s) postpartum. Our postpartum doulas provide care overnight (typically 10 pm - 6 am, or 11 pm - 7 am), although hours may be flexible based on need.  


Under the Supported Sleep Package, our postpartum doulas offer the following services:

  • Free initial consultation/interview

  • One personalized virtual postpartum planning session

  • Free admission to our Essentials of Newborn Care workshop

  • Two 4-hour daytime postpartum visits for teaching and coaching

  • Four 8-hour overnight postpartum visits for rest and recovery 

  • Free 3-month Family Ways membership


Total fee: $1750 [valued at $1875]. No added or hidden charges for the services described above. 


When purchased in conjunction with a birth doula package, additional 10% discount applies to birth doula package. Use coupon code PPPlus

Supported Sleep Package


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