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Simple Ceremony

Mother Blessing ceremonies (sometimes known as Blessingway ceremonies) celebrate the mother's/family's journey through a time of physical and spiritual transition. The ceremony incorporates rituals that create a sacred and safe environment and are unique to the needs of the expectant family. Surrounded by the love and support of her own community of women, the mother-to-be celebrates the coming joys and challenges of her journey into familyhood.


The focus of the Mother Blessing ceremony is on not the material, but the emotional needs of the expectant mother and her growing family. Unlike a baby shower, the Mother Blessing ceremony provides the mother a safe space to explore her excitement, fears, 

power, expectations, confidence and trust as she crosses the bridge into motherhood. The gifts showered on the mother by her supportive community of women are not material gifts, but those of blessing, wishes, support, love and other intangibles. The Mother Blessing ceremony is not inherently religious in nature, but may incorporate elements of religion or spirituality as the mother desires.


A Mother Blessing ceremony may be held for any woman, and is not limited to first-time mothers. And though guests are typically women -- mothers, sisters, friends -- the ceremony may be attended by any member of the mother's community with whom the mother has a mutual relationship of trust and respect.


Our Mother Blessing facilitators provide the following services:


  • Free initial phone consultation

  • 60-minute planning session

  • Support planning and organizing a meaningful and personalized ceremony

  • Referrals as needed to additional planning resources

  • Materials may be provided for an additional fee

Simple Ceremony

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