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New Year, New... Plumbing?

I've never been one to make New Year's resolutions -- if you know me, you know that I stay pretty well resolved all year long. Nevertheless, I had planned to start the year with a pop and an announcement of the many great things on our horizon! We have changes to our team, changes to our offerings, and plans for making our services even more accessible to our community as a whole! I've been looking forward to announcing these changes for months!

Trust me, they're still coming. But our progress has been momentarily slowed by a minor plumbing catastrophe in our office.

Long story short: cast iron pipes have about a 50-year lifespan, and ours are [wait for it] 51 years old. And this lifespan has not been lengthened by the fact that the previous occupant -- the famous Dr. Farber, DDS -- may have been throwing orthodontic scraps down the sink. (Your guess on his reasoning is as good as mine.) We've gotten multiple second opinions, but the consensus is that we can replace the pipes now, or risk flooding the basement with sewage in a few months.

So. Yeah. No decision to be made there. We're going to be replacing the major pipes throughout the basement, basically meaning that we will be tearing up the concrete slab that makes up the floor of the Family Ways office (and the foundation of the house... nbd). Accordingly, the office space will have to be off limits to visitors for a while.

I will admit that when I envisioned the year ahead, this was not really what I had in mind. But I'm trying to look at this as an opportunity to give our office a little bit of a refresh? Maybe?

In the meantime, while this repair work is done, we are still planning to run as close to normal operations as possible! We have rearranged the guest bedroom on the first floor of the upstairs residence to serve as our main meeting space -- a temporary solution while we wait for the plumbing repairs to be completed and the Family Ways office to be put back together. This room has a separate entrance off the BACK of the house, so please make your way past the garage and across the back patio to find us. Or give us a call and we can guide you in.

The following meetings and classes are now scheduled to meet in the temporary upstairs space:

At this time, I do not have an estimate of how long the entire repair will take, but we are assuming several weeks at least. I will share updates (and progress photos) as we have them! Thank you all for your patience and support while we work through this interesting experience.

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