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Dismantling the Great American Postpartum

You’re pregnant. You’re glowing. Let’s be honest, that’s probably sweat… but you’ll never admit that to yourself as you scroll through your friends’ glowing pictures on Instagram, looking at their pregnancies as well. Everyone is so happy and alive, with their cute bellies and soft squirming babies! You can’t wait to be a parent yourself.

You’re probably somewhere between 28 and 35 years old, pregnant with your first child and very much looking forward to bringing your new baby home, where you will spend hours gazing lovingly into its sweet eyes as your friends and family pamper you with food and gifts.

You’ve taken a childbirth class, you’ve taken a CPR class, and maybe you’ve taken a breastfeeding class. You have made all sorts of plans for your birth, and you know exactly what you want. You’ve considered placenta encapsulation, because you heard that it can help mitigate postpartum mood disorders. You are so ready.

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