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The Greatest Gift

As doulas we are gifted with the unique opportunity to watch a truly beautiful moment unfold. Each birth has its moments of sheer beauty, often accompanied by the first wailings of a newborn's voice, or the shower of love after a job well done.

But sometimes these moments come in the midst of the otherwise unremarkable happenings of a smooth labor. Sometimes, the doula's greatest gift is to sit by and watch a couple turn inward and work together through the tough parts of labor.

Recently, I had the privilege of attending just such a birth. Labor was moving smoothly but the mama was definitely doing some hard work. So she put Mackelmore on the iPod, got in the shower, and rocked out to the tones of her husband's amazing coaching. With permission, here is the transcript of that awesome moment (which and the midwife and me positively in tears!):

Pregnant with Partner.jpg 2014-12-21-6:34:20

Four centimeters? That’s huge! First time ever! Right outta the box!

Ride that wave, Babe. Just ride it. Let it wash over you—

NO! Not wash over me.


No. I’m gonna f***in' TAKE IT.

Right on. Ride that wave. TAKE that f***in’ wave!

You’re doing good!

I’m gonna pop some tags, only got $20 in my pocket….

You’re doing great! You look so good!

I don’t know why my nose keeps running.

Keep blowin’ that snot out!


Accept it, Babe. Ride that wave. You’re doing wonderful. And accept the fact that you’re doing great. You’re doing an awesome job. Just ride that wave.

You’re doing what you’re doing. And it rocks.



The good news is, because we kept you in this shower so long, you're making great progress and you're even closer to having this baby. You GOT this!

That’s a cold-a** honky.

Talk me through it!

Ride that wave, Babe. Keep riding that wave. Accept it, take it in. You’re doing great. You’ve been doing great. Take it in, and ride it through. Accept it, take it in, and ride it through. You’re doing great.


*blows nose*


*puts down the shower seat with a clang that makes EVERYONE jump*

You okay, Babe? Yeah? You’re doing good. You even put that seat down good.

I feel like I’m in a good place now, you know?

You’re in a good place. It’s good because of you. You’re doing it. Accept it. Take it in. Ride that wave, Babe. Ride that wave. You’re doing great. Keep it up!

How are you doing, Babe?

I think I’m okay.

You ARE okay. You’re awesome! You’re doing great!

Good job.

Gooooood job.

Good job.

You’re doing great. Keep it up.

Hey Babe.


Hey Babe, guess what.


Guess what day it is!

What day is it?

It’s our baby’s birthday!


This is the stuff miracles are made of. And being present for it was the greatest gift of all.

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