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Excellent news: we're expanding our class offerings, with more and more frequent class options!

First of all, our next 12-week series of Bradley Method® Childbirth Classes is set to begin on August 28, and will run through November 20 (the week before Thanksgiving), with one week off in October. Classes will be held in Rockville. If you're newly pregnant, this is probably the best series for you. Classes do fill up, so sign up soon!

If you're looking for an add-on class, or if your due date is coming up and you won't have time for a 12-week series, consider signing up for one of our newly added workshops:

  • Comfort Measures for Labor: This 2-hour class covers all the basics of comfort measures for labor, including relaxation techniques, massage, aromatherapy, positioning, and affirmations. This class is designed for couples (or the mama and her labor coach), and will teach each partner the tools and steps for finding a place of peace and relaxation during labor. Emphasis will be placed on lowering anxieties and birthing without fear. [June 8, 2-4 pm in Bethesda]

  • Preparing for Postpartum: Prepare for the postpartum journey with this 2-hour workshop, designed to give you and your partner the tools and knowledge you'll need to prepare for the early postpartum period (the first 12 weeks after the birth). Participants will learn basic self- and newborn care, easy snack/meal prep, community resources, and how to find support from family and friends. Additionally, coupled will begin drafting their postpartum plans. [June 22, 2-4 pm in Bethesda]

Looking for a class topic, and don't see it listed? Let us know what you'd like to learn about, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

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