Donations & Gift Certificates

L&D nurses, midwives, and OB providers at our area hospitals are facing unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 crisis. They are putting themselves and often their families at risk to care for birthing people. Many L&D units are operating on restricted staffing and workloads are greater than usual. Let’s show our L&D care providers that we’re grateful to them and that the doulas are supporting them from a distance! We’re collecting donations to have lunch delivered to L&D units at DC Metro-area hospitals. Pitch in to help us send our local L&D units lunch to say thanks and keep going! 

Looking for a way to give back to the community? Care to help spread the doula love to others? Consider donating below, or purchasing a gift certificate for a loved one (gift certificates can also be added to birth registries!).


Like the work your doula has done for you? One great way to say THANK YOU is by leaving feedback on DoulaMatch or Yelp. And you can also pay it forward, by helping to make a doula more affordable for someone else.


If you wish to make a donation or gift in a specific denomination, please contact us for additional pricing/donation options.

Donate a doula to support African American women
Donate a Doula to a Family Financially Impacted by COVID-19 

The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic has financially impacted many of the families we serve. Many families have found that their birth plans have changed, whether by design or circumstance, and we are working to accommodate as many of these families as possible through expanded access to doula support. Please consider contributing to an emergency relief fund for families who may be struggling to access doula support, or may need additional assistance during this challenging time. 

Gift certificates avaiable for birth and posptartum doula services.
Purchase a Doula Gift Certificate for a Loved One

Looking for the perfect gift for an expectant family? Consider gifting all or part of the cost of a doula. The benefits of doula support are innumerable and last a lifetime. You may purchase a gift certificate for a loved on, or expecting families may add the cost of birth and/or postpartum doula services to their registries.

Donate doula services to a low-income family
Donate a Doula to a Low-Income Family

We firmly believe that a doula should be available to every woman and family that wants one, regardless of their ability to pay for services. Additionally, as some of the only doulas locally with proficiency in Spanish and American Sign Language (ASL), we often come in contact with families with limited resources available to them. Without consistent coverage for services through health insurance, many families struggle to pay for costs for doula services.


Gift certificates aavialbe for childbirth education and other classes and workshops.
Purchase a Childbirth Education Gift Certificate
for a Loved One

Gifting childbirth education classes is another excellent way to support an expecting couple. These classes help expecting families prepare for their birth and the early postpartum period, and help lay the foundation for years of parenting to come. Gift certificates are available, or classes may be added to a registry.

Donations may be made in a number of denominations. See what your donation can do:

[Please note that these donation amounts reflect discounted pricing, as part of our commitment to making our services available to all families.]

$18 gives 30 minutes of postpartum doula support

$50 gives workshop attendance to a family


$100 gives a custom consultation to a family


$250 gives placenta encapsulation to a family

$300 gives a full day of postpartum doula support

$300 gives childbirth education to a family


$750 gives a birth doula to a family

$800 gives an end-of-life doula to a family