About Tarina

Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) | Postpartum Doula

I fell in love with breastfeeding after the birth of my first child, when I learned what an amazing bond this act creates. But breastfeeding didn't come easy, and I was surprised to learn just how much support I truly needed to make my breastfeeding relationship with my daughter a successful one for us both. As she grew older and the relationship solidified, I realized that I wanted to become a certified Lactation and Breastfeeding Counselor to be able to provide that same support to other mothers and families, to help them succeed with their own feeding relationships -- no matter what path they take. Breastfeeding is such a personal, emotional, and sacred experience, and I am honored to be able be a trusted source of support for new families as they navigate the early days of their journeys.

I greatly enjoy meeting with families before the arrival of baby, during which time we can begin to form a close connection to discuss breastfeeding goals and the support they anticipate seeking. My role is to help new and expecting parents understand the realities of the breastfeeding relationship and responsibilities, and envision avenues for success. I also work closely with partners, helping the partner to envision and enact loving support to foster success and comfort in the baby's feeding journey.


For families returning to work or otherwise needing to be away from baby, I also support selecting the breast pump that's right for you: proper fit, pumping schedules, return-to-work plans, proper bottle feeding, and appropriate supplementation practices. I offer the most recent, evidence based research about supplements to take while nursing, parent and baby nutrition and diet, child development related to nursing, and weaning support for infants and toddlers. I am honored to be able to support your feeding relationship and your lactation goals, to make this relationship as deeply meaningful as you envision it to be. 

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