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Postpartum Doula

As a postpartum doula, it is my great honor and delight to support new families during the first days and weeks after bringing your baby home. I know all too well how overwhelming the early days of parenthood can be, and it is my pleasure to work alongside you to make these days as comfortable and supported as possible. My commitment to you is to provide exactly the support you need to have a smooth transition home and to start off on a strong journey forward with your beautiful new family.

In addition to providing nurturing care for all members of the immediate family, I also assist with basic new born care like infant feeding, soothing, emotional and physical recovery from birth. My years of experience allow me to provide evidence-based information on breastfeeding and newborn care, as well as education to assist you in developing a strong parent-infant bond. I can also help with meal preparation and make quick snacks. 

My work with families and their children has spanned a career of over 15 years. In addition to working as a doula, I have worked in daycare facilities as a lead teacher, and as a volunteer in public schools and hold a degree in early childhood education. I have also served as a nanny for many families in greater Washington, DC area. While I love working with children of all ages, my passion is for supporting new parents who are just meeting their new little love and getting started on their parenting journey. I am so happy to be able to work with your family during this time.

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