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Rosalie Diop - Headshot_edited.jpg

About Rosalie

Postpartum Doula | Newborn Care Specialist

I am so honored to be working with families during the very tender early days of the postpartum period. I began my professional career in Senegal, working for seven years as a registered nurse and supporting many new parents through labor and birth, breastfeeding, mothering, and childcare; I later worked in pediatric and then in senior care as well. After coming to the United States, my hope had been to renew my licenses and begin work as an RN here in the US.


Then, over nine months my life turned upside down during my last pregnancy, when I got news from my obstetrician that no parent should ever have to face. I was fortunate to have the support of my family, but I learned that there is never enough support within the community in times like that. As I came through this difficult period, I shifted my focus and started looking for ways to be that support for other new families as they navigate their own family journeys.


I know that every family is unique, and my approach as a postpartum doula is to help each client and family discover what works best for them. I aim to be a steady resource as new families navigate parenthood and build up confidence moving forward with their new baby/babies. For all families, I strive to provide the physical and emotional support to help make the postpartum period as comfort and supported as possible. I look forward to being your doula, and supporting you through an amazing start to parenthood!

I speak English and French.

Training & Certifications

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