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Birth & Postpartum Doula | Sibling Doula

I became interested in doula work because of the strength of the advocacy role: it’s deeply important to me that my clients have access to meaningful information so that they can make the best choices for themselves. As a member of multiple marginalized communities, it is especially important to me to serve as a liaison between community members and the medical establishment, to facilitate communication and improve collaboration.

I came into this work after the birth of my first child, with a strong sense of motivation to ensure that no birthing person is treated poorly or discriminated against. No one should be made to feel incapable of caring for their baby or ashamed for the way their body is. As a Queer birthworker, I emphasize the respectful treatment of all birthing parents – I meet my clients where they are with non-gendered language, an open heart, and a smile. I work with clients from all backgrounds, and have special love for my Trans and Non-binary siblings.

I am a parent to two kids. My oldest child was born in England and my youngest was born in Virginia. My partner and I met playing Dungeons & Dragons in England over 10 years ago. When I am not working with clients, you can find me in my garden, volunteering with a community herbalism program, cosplaying at a local comic convention, or watching cartoons with my kids.

Rachel R., Washington DC

"Mel was an excellent post-partum doula and a great help to our family. Our daughter's first few months were quite rough... but Mel was unflappable throughout. Mel had a wealth of knowledge and a very calm approach.... We recommend Mel without hesitation."

JaiAnn H., Ft. Washington MD

"Through the entire experience, Mel was right by my side! I know I wouldn't have made it through the experience of natural childbirth without them as my doula. I am BEYOND GRATEFUL that I was able to have such amazing support... Mel we love you, can't thank you enough!"

Daneen S., Columbia, MD

"Mel helped to take care of our daughter at night so that we could get some much needed rest. They also would talk to me about how I was recovering and would share tips to help me.... They are very professional and go the extra mile."

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