About Kitty

End-of-Life Doula 

I began my work with the end-of-life transitional period as a licensed massage therapist working with primarily aging clientele. I loved the effect that touch could have on them, helping them find not only physical relief, but mental and emotional comfort as well. 


As my clients aged, I found that I was accompanying them more often through the final days of their lives. I became an end-of-life doula to expand on that work, and to be able to play an increasingly supportive role in the life transitions of my clients and others in the community who are looking for a better, more meaningful end-of-life experience. 


It is now my great honor to support clients and their loved ones through this transitional time in the role of a doula. Whether working on creating a meaningful legacy project, crafting a vigil plan and enacting it as I sit vigil with the client and their family, or supporting family and loved ones through their bereavement process, I am delighted to be able to help bring peace and compassion to the dying process. I look forward to supporting you in having your best possible transition surrounded by love and comfort. 

Training & Certifications

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