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Executive Assistant

The principles of support, autonomy, and education have driven my adult life and my career. I started as an Adjunct Professor of Spanish while I earned my Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. While doing those two things I began having my own children. By the end of a three year span I had a Masters Degree and three children! I stopped working outside the home for a while as I continued to wrap my head around having three kids under three years old!


Shortly after my youngest was born I was introduced to La Leche League (LLL) International, and soon thereafter became an accredited Leader to educate and offer information to parents seeking help with feeding their children -- while also caring for my own children. This was my first step into the world of postpartum education and support. A few years later our family relocated to DC and I attended the birth of a dear friend, and opened my world up to birth work! That birth showed me the intersection supporting autonomy and self-advocacy with providing hands-on support and education. While continuing my role as a LLL Leader, I began supporting families as a birth and postpartum doula and teaching childbirth education.

Fast forward two years and 50 births, and I arrived at supporting birth work from an administrative position! Organizational Leadership and Non-Profit work is part of my passion, and being able to come alongside the work of Family Ways in the role of Executive Assistant while still being connected to birth is a beautiful mash-up of my skills and passions. I love being able to support families by supporting their doulas and educators!

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