About Julia

Postpartum Doula

I didn’t know it at the time, but my calling to become a doula started well over a decade ago, when I had my first child. I had a successful career but had barely even held a newborn, much less been totally responsible for taking care of one! I had an easy pregnancy and birth, so I expected new parenting to be a breeze as well. But when I had the baby, I realized I was terrified of him! He was so tiny. With little local family support, I quickly ended up exhausted, frustrated, lonely, and depressed.

Upon reflection, I saw that the postpartum difficulties I had faced could have been eased if I’d had an experienced support person to talk with, and who would have encouraged me to rest and had taught me about feeding and caring for the baby. I became a postpartum doula to fill that role for families welcoming a new baby. 

I strongly believe in the concept of the Fourth Trimester -- the transitional time when a new baby is still in a womb-like state and heavily depending on its parents' constant nurturing. It is very important that new parents are supported, physically and emotionally, during this time of transition. In our busy society, and often without family nearby, new parents are sometimes expected to resume their pre-baby lives too quickly, which can lead the new parenting experience to be more challenging than they’d hoped.

Whether you have one baby, multiples, or have adopted, I am eager to help your transition to parenthood be smoother, calmer, and more rewarding. I provide support with both
breast- and bottle-feeding, respecting the parenting decisions of the families I serve.
I also provide emotional and physical support, infant sleep, care and soothing
techniques, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and resource referrals.

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