About Jen

Birth & Postpartum Doula | Placenta Encapsulator | Administrative Assistant

Every family has the right to be treated with respect and dignity at every phase of life. Witnessing families being treated as mere bystanders in the pregnancy and birth process has shown me where my passion has its home.


What is most important is that each family feel supported through the birth and postpartum journey, and empowered to make informed decisions that will help shape the journey. My own experience with a planned cesarean birth in 2011 and an un-medicated vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) in 2013 give me a unique perspective on both ends of the birth spectrum, and help me to guide each family down their unique birth path.  


I desire for women and families to be educated in their body's capabilities and their full range of choices within and outside of the medical model. I support a family's right to choose their own birth experience, and I seek to facilitate these wishes at every step of the journey as I work with a family before, during, and after birth. Simply, I listen to families.

Taylor J., Washington DC

"[Jen] took the time to make sure she understood what my partner and I wanted for a birth experience. Jen helped me feel empowered to be my own advocate at the hospital when things got overwhelming and scary. She has a magic touch..."

Sara V., Washington DC

"Jen has great knack for putting you at ease and listening closely to your concerns and goals. […] By the end of our first prenatal visit, spending time with her felt more like hanging out with a friend than preparing for an intimate life event with a stranger." 

Noelle G., Gaithersburg MD

"The way she was able to keep me calm through the scariest parts of my labor and make me laugh when I wanted to cry was something special. I feel so blessed that I was matched with her as a doula and will recommend her over and over again."

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