About Jayne

Birth & Postpartum Doula | Newborn Care Specialist

"It takes a village." I've always known this, but as my friends and family began having babies of their own, I found myself increasingly drawn to becoming an integral part of their villages. Of course I love getting to meet and hold all the cute babies, but my heart is really on helping new parents with physical, mental, and emotional support for them. For my friends, in addition to teaching them how to care for their amazing new babies and for themselves, support often looked like doing laundry, making a meal, and running out for groceries. I did these things and more, honing my skills as a newborn care specialist while supporting dozens of families through their early days and months of parenthood.

Then my sister learned she was pregnant with her first baby, and asked me to be in birth room with her. Witnessing the birth of my beautiful niece opened my eyes to the beauty of birth and the importance of having a positive, empowered birth experience. A year later, my sister-in-law was pregnant and asked me to be in the room with her as well. I saw first-hand the impact a positive birth had on a family's transition into parenthood, and I was hooked on being a supportive part of this transitional moment. These beautiful experiences led me to pursue certification as a birth doula as well, to serve families through all parts of their journeys.

In addition to supporting birthing people and babies, I am also a mental health warrior and passionate about support for depression & anxiety, and other mental health needs. Postpartum mood disorders are close to my heart, and my goal is to support all new parents through whatever the postpartum period brings.

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