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Birth Doula 

I began my work as a doula when two of my friends became pregnant around the same time. I was honored to be able to support them through their individual journeys, and my work with them set me on the path to becoming a birth doula and serving others in our community -- an opportunity to provide care for individuals and families in a more holistic manner. 

As a birth doula, I bring compassion, empathy, knowledge, and a strong desire to make sure my clients' needs are fulfilled. My own multicultural background gives me a deeper recognition of my role in fostering and protecting a meaningful and special experience for the birthing person and those around them. My experience as a researcher helps me bring evidence-based information and resources to my clients, to help them and their families in finding autonomy and feeling truly informed and prepared.

Outside of my work as a birth doula, I enjoy traveling and spend much of my time continuing to pursue higher education; I hope to someday soon become a strong force in the world of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. in hopes of becoming a force in the medical world soon. Within the community, I volunteer at several shelters for the homeless, working alongside other local groups to bring resources, food, and information to those in need in the greater DMV area.

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