About Emilee

Administrative Assistant

I have always had respect for and curiosity about birth work. My interest grew when my mom told me stories about her positive life-changing experiences with her doula and midwife team, who supported she gave birth to me and my brothers. Hearing the level of care and attention that she received and how it greatly impacted her pregnancy experience encouraged me to become involved myself in contributing to the sacred experiences of pregnancy and birth.

I am passionate about providing person-centered care that emphasizes the collaboration between pregnant folks and their birth team. I’m interested in working within and among family networks to offer resources and to promote self-care. Pregnant people are entitled to options, information, support, and guidance. It is my goal to empower you to make informed decisions about your care and to provide non-judgmental support throughout every step of the way throughout your birthing experience.

I currently serve as a doula for high-risk abortion care, and I am excited to complete my full spectrum doula training education with the intention of extending my work to include
birth and postpartum. I am also a part of the administrative team at Family Ways.

Training & Certifications

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