About Colette

Birth Doula 

As is true for so many of my friends and colleagues, the births of my two children brought forth my passion to support others through one of the most transformative and empowering times of their lives. I became a certified birth doula through Birth Arts International so that I could walk alongside other new parents on their own journeys, through pregnancy and birth and into the early postpartum period. 

Birth work quickly grew from a passion to a career, and bringing forward the skills and knowledge of my past roles into my role as a doula allows me to support families in unique ways. I draw from my prior experience in pharmacy, coaching, and management as I work with you toward an informed and empowered parenthood transition. 

A Maryland native, I grew up in Southern Maryland and got my BS from the University of Maryland. I am active as president for a local MOMS Club, an avid lover of sports, and an engaged member of my local community. I left a prior career after my two amazing kids came along and I stayed home to raise them; after becoming a childcare provider I later transitioned into the role of a doula so that I could provide more targeted, hands-on support to growing families. 

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