About Chantae'

Birth Doula 

The birth of my sister’s third child brought me to birth work. I started studying to become a doula during her third trimester in order to better support her pregnancy and birth journey. Nurturing my sister during the birth of my nephew affirmed for me that the confidence gained through a supported birth experience helps mothers trust in themselves and grow in confidence. I felt honored to be a part of that process and decided to offer nurture and support to more families. 


I approach each day mindful of the importance of honoring my clients and treating them with dignity and compassion. I have witnessed how transformative the birth experience is to a woman and the impactful role her emotions and autonomy play into it. During labor and delivery I cultivate a warm secure environment through a calm compassionate and nurturing demeanor with unconditional, unbiased emotional support. My desire is to support you in a way that allows and encourages you to achieve your goals and desires for birth, whatever they may be. When needed, I offer evidence based research to help you make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I also utilize knowledge gained from years of yoga, bodywork, and breathwork training and teaching to inform an understanding of the body, movement, and pain management for an embodied experience. 


I have been a yoga and meditation practitioner for 15+ years. I teach public, private, and corporate yoga and meditation classes and I have trained in bodywork and reiki healing. I have a Masters in Public Administration and a bachelor's degree in sociology and economics. In my free time I create art, take care of my millions of house plants, listen to music, and read nonfiction with sprinkles of young adult and children’s books for levity. I’m from Florida and have lived in Washington, DC since 2013.

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